Celebrating 20 Years of Doing Mission Work in Uganda
Field Report of Mission Uganda, Africa
July 2-17, 2016
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Mission Global Fellowship

When people ask me how was your mission trip, all I can say… “it was unbelievable the way that God moved!”. It was because you prayed, thank you for partnering with us. We are all grateful for your financial and prayer support, helping us-be obedient to the Great Commission Matt. 28:19-20. The team of nine willing, yielded, obedient servants made themselves available to travel 20,000 plus miles to share the Gospel along the way to Uganda. We truly had team vitality and energy. Our vitality was relying on God, his word and the Holy Spirit.

The teaching theme was “This is the Christ the Saviour of the World” (John 4:42). We saw the power of the proclamation of the gospel, convicting and converting souls. Your prayers were felt and seen as we walk through the check points, security, airports, retrieving ALL our bags, traveling down dangerous roads, flying and coming home, finding all our families doing well, God protected us and them…Praise be to God who answers all our prayers.

Daily our team was divided up so that we were able to teach and do outreach evangelism. Both were effective and souls were save at schools and in the teaching sessions. When the team got to Uganda part of the team went to another village three hours North. We met with 300 church leaders from 200 churches that express the need for biblical training so that they can be effective leaders for their churches. They want to learn Bible Study methods, sermon preparation and how to be an effective pastor. We will be planning this for our next trip.

Some of the outreach teams went to do jail ministry sharing the gospel. Another unbelievable thing happen all 35 prisoners gave their life to Christ. Out of all of the five school we went to 100’s of students got saved and many teachers. At the Saturday Conference over 600 people were ministered to Men, Women, Youth and Children and souls were saved. We saw the power of prayer show up again as the gospel was preached, when we held a four-night crusade and we saw God save many Muslims. In those four nights 199 people accepted Christ and the name were taken down by the local pastors for discipleship. That Sunday we baptized over 100 people in the river. We came in contact with demon activity as well. God is awesome. He gave us wisdom to deal with the situation. We were victorious! We know that their is power in the name of Jesus as we witness deliverance by those possessed.

We were given many items to take on this mission trip. Some churches gave shoes, we had two full duffle bags of shoes. A Bag an 1/2 were children shoes. We found out that some children were praying for a pair of shoes the Sunday before we came. We were an answer to prayer because of your partnership. Grayson College donated medical supplies from the Nursing Department, Medical Lab Tech gave glass blood vials and the Dental Program gave over 100 tooth brushes and 4 boxes of tooth paste. Also the Teaching Program gave several books to equip teachers and teaching Aids for the classes. The staff gave donations for 8 Jumbo bags of Walmart candy. These were all a blessing, it brought smiles to the people, hospital, clinic’s and children and orphans. We were also given Daily Bread booklets.

Sunday was a great day for us to share in the various churches. Our team was able to minister in different congregations. There were people who came to Christ as well. Because you prayed we did see a mighty move of God. There is still much work to be done. Because nine people came to be on mission 1208 souls got saved and were added to the Kingdom of God. Thank you again for your partnership in God’s Mission work! Remember the Lord told us to pray, for the harvest is plenteous but the labors are few. He needs and we need more laborers. We are facing an unfinished task!

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