Missionary Outpost Center in Uganda, Africa
Update - Hospital & Clinic

Dear Potential Supporter,

Update as June 10, 2024

Mission Global Fellowship is a nonprofit organization 501(C)3, we have just celebrated 20 years (2003-2023) of doing mission work in Uganda, Africa. We are a Mission Ministry, that Exposes-Mobilize-Trains the body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission in Uganda and beyond. We do gospel crusades, evangelistic outreach-door to door, in various villages, minister in jails, hospitals, and in schools sharing the gospel.  We do pastors conferences and women’s conferences and train children leaders. 

We are building a Missionary Outpost Center in Uganda, Africa. It will house 40+ missionaries and a training center that will seating for 500 pastors and church leaders. We are training the pastors to go to China, India, Nepal, and Japan share the gospel, because 3 billion people have never heard God’s love for them, (John 3:16).

This is an $800,000 project and if you know anyone who would like to donate or for a tax write off, we are a nonprofit organization they can do so by mailing a check to Mission Global Fellowship. PO Box 2603, Sherman, TX 75091, or go online to our website, missionglobalfellowship.org go under the donate page and we also do Givelify. Or we can come an make a presentation. 

Our current project of highest priority is the land that we have just bought 1.5 acres that butts up next to our land.  We would put a clinic and a 50-bed hospital on that land because the closest medical facility is 6 miles away. A woman that does not have a midwife in the village (when they’re pregnant and ready to deliver), they can lose the baby, the mother may die or both may die so we would have a clinic and hospital with a midwifes and doctors at that facility. This project will cost $302,000.

We now need $45,000. That will cover the wall constructed around the three acres, electric poles to the land, the well dug for water, and latrines (2 bathrooms for men & 2 for women). It is the biggest need for the next phase. Please partner with us in this endeavor and please pass on this email. It’s fine anyone can reach out to me and I can make a presentation, and visit our website.

Currently we are preparing to go back to Uganda June 29, to July 13, 2024 with a team of five. We will be training pastors, doing a three-day crusade, a women’s conference, and outreach sharing the gospel on the street, in schools, universities, jails, and hospital. 


Dr Charles Leslie 
Mission Global Fellowship

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