Need to Purchase Land for a Clinic is a Top Priority

Our current project of highest priority is that we have an opportunity to buy 1.5 acres that butts up next to our land.  We would put a clinic on that land because the closest medical facility is 6 miles away. A women that does not have a midwife in the village (if they’re pregnant and ready to deliver), they can lose the baby, the mother may die or both may die so we would have a clinic with a midwife and doctor at that facility.

The cost of this land is $12,500. We need 25 people or churches to give $500. This is so doable. We have raised $1500. The land portion of this cost is $10,560. (The owners are willing to work with us. If we can get $5000. down and then by the end of November, finish with the balance). The $12,500. will be for the purchase of the land, survey of the land and the architectural drawing for the clinic. We want to secure this land as soon as possible because the people that own it want to sell it and they approached us first. It is the biggest need for the local people in this village, to have a clinic. Please partner with us in this endeavor and please pass on this email. It’s fine anyone can reach out to me, and go to our website. (

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